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Craft Makers Grant Fund – Rosemary James Trust

23/08/2018 – Rosemary James Memorial Trust Award is now Open for Craft Makers in Northern Ireland Rosemary (Rosy) James maintained a lifelong commitment to the arts as well as to her birthplace of Northern Ireland. Rosy died in 2010, having bequeathed over £500,000 to establish an annual bursary in her name to help Northern Ireland’s […]

Are you getting new customers from your website?

One of the most frustrating issues most women in business are dealing with today is the lack of new customers generated via their websites. As a business owner, you have possibly spent a lot of time working with a designer to create a website for your business, after you had finally made the decision to […]

Make your Blogging easy with an Editorial Calendar

Make your Blogging easy with an Editorial Calendar You need to get traffic to your business website and one of the main ways we advise doing that is via a Blog!! While some people hate the sound of the word blog, the purposes of having one on your business website are now fairly well understood […]

How do you know if you need a new website?

Do you think you may need a new website but can’t decide? If you have been thinking about a new website but think the one you have ‘might be ok’, or ‘will do for another while’ then the following questions will help you decide: – Is your current site fully MOBILE responsive Are visitors Impressed with […]

Google to penalise websites with intrusive pop-up adverts

Google is updating its algorithms used to rank its search results so that offending pages are more likely to get lower placings. The change is due to come into effect on 10 January 2017. For its part, Google said the move should make using some of its results less frustrating. “Pages that show intrusive interstitials [elements that cover the […]

Tourism Business Tips

The following Tourism Business tips, are a great start to getting your business noticed online. If you are the owner of typical tourism industry accommodation such as a Hotels, B&Bs, Guesthouses, Hostels, Motels, Campsites etc, or if you are a provider for the tourism industry such as  Craft shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Gift & Souvenir Shops, Visitor Centres, etc, […]

Essential Digital Marketing Tools Training – 23rd Aug in Derry

Whats it all about? The Essential Digital Marketing Tools Training will be delivered in the Northern Ireland Science Park, Derry on 23rd Aug from 9am – 1pm. If you are responsible for marketing within your business, then you need to understand how to use digital marketing tools, techniques and assets in order to improve your […]

What is WordPress? 

WordPress powers 25% of the worlds websites WordPress is used by 59.5% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 26.6% of all websites. WordPress is open source – what’s that? Open source simply means a program or software in which the source code (the programming language) is available to the general public […]

Only 23% of small Irish businesses doing E-commerce sales!

With the trend ever increasing towards online spending it is estimated that only 23% of small Irish businesses are engaged in any meaningful way in e-Commerce sales. For businesses employing less than ten people this percentage could be even lower. It is now believed that of online purchases made in Ireland that 70% of these […]

Sales Growth On Your Doorstep

With cross-border trade on the Island exceeding £2bn annually, the opportunity is simply too big to ignore for small businesses. InterTradeIreland can help your business capitalise on the extraordinary possibilities that exist right here on our doorstep. Acumen InterTradeIreland can assist you to source and fund the right people to help you increase your cross-border […]