Making Time in Your Business with Alison Matthews – Guest Speaker 24th March 21

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Alison Matthews – VirtuAli

alison mattews of virtuali solutions

International Women’s Day event, Craigavon Civic Centre 5th March 2019. Alison Matthews (owner of VirtuAli Administrative Solutions). ©Edward Byrne Photography

My name is Alison, I’m a business support specialist and the owner of VirtuAli Administrative Solutions which I founded in 2015. I help small business owners feel less overwhelmed and more in control of their business by helping them work more efficiently.

As a business owner myself, I understand the complexities of running a business, of juggling all the hats and getting swamped in the business rather than having time to work ON it and the thing you love.

With 20 years+ experience in a host of administrative roles worldwide, I have always been highly organised and love helping business owners streamline their administrative processes.

I was nominated winner of the Northern Ireland Virtual Assistant (VA) of the Year 2020 as judged by the UK VA Awards.

When I’m not at my desk you will find me out wild swimming, up a mountain or helping with community project.

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