Unlocking Creativity to Lead for Growth

The Web Club at Bizmerang Wed 31st 21 – Guest Speaker profile  

Name Rachael Fergie – Ulster University

Rachael is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Ulster University. Her research focuses on developing leadership using design thinking approaches to increase leader and business capacity for growth. Understanding the benefits and positive impact of human-centred design, Rachael has developed a passion for Design Thinking.

She has developed and delivered a local small business leadership programme which incorporates design tools and imbeds a creative mindset that leaders of businesses take away and implement into practice.

Rachael will share some of the insights from this programme along with key tools and mindsets that will be useful for you in your organisation.

This event is free. To register email patricia@thewebclub.ie 

Connect with Rachael online

Email: r.fergie@ulster.ac.uk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachael-fergie-7bba49116/
Twitter: @fergieracht