Are you getting new customers from your website?

One of the most frustrating issues most women in business are dealing with today is the lack of new customers generated via their websites. As a business owner, you have possibly spent a lot of time working with a designer to create a website for your business, after you had finally made the decision to develop a new site! But now that’s all done, are you getting leads and enquiries from it?

After putting in many hours creating content for your products and services, scrolling through images and searching for PDF’s and brochures, are you now wondering why new enquiries are not landing in every day?

The reality is it can be really hard to make your website work! It may look beautiful, but maybe it’s just not bringing much in. This can be so disappointing, especially if you have spent hours pouring over creative designs and getting all your main content ready, text, images, PDF’s, brochures, logos and more.

Having been there myself, both on a personal level and with my clients, I completely understand. However this is not just an ‘SEO’ problem, it’s an overall approach to how people find and engage with your website. I have spent the past 18 years working with clients, not only developing effective websites, but also getting good quality traffic to those sites via online marketing.

In the past few years getting found online has become really competitive and confusing. Some people say you need SEO tricks, some say content marketing, more say you don’t need text just images, some say you need to pay highly for Adwords!

What you actually need is a clear strategy to get traffic to your website and convert that traffic into potential leads and paying customers.

Without this you will stay at the same point with low traffic numbers coming to your website, a continued lack of new enquiries and many missed opportunities to engage with those who do manage to find your site. Even if your traditional offline marketing efforts are working well enough, you will find it harder to grow online.

Wouldn’t it be great to reach a point where you can say ‘my website is working really well for our business, we get loads of new customers regularly from it!’

To get there does take a little time, commitment and most, important of all, strategy. But you will now have an effective website which engages and converts visitors into leads and customers. Rather than being a cost to your business, your site will start bringing you a great return on investment.

You will have a results driven online marketing strategy which will not only bring new traffic to your website, with new potential customers, but it will also help to grow your online profile to be someone [a business] your ideal customer knows, respects and trusts.

To have a chat about how I can help you, please just drop me a line, or connect with me on LinkedIn and send a message, and let’s set up a time to see how we can help you grow your business online and really start that flow of new enquiries coming in soon.

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