Get Excited About Public Speaking 30th June

“I absolutely love seeing change happen in my clients – it’s the best job in the world!”

Angela Bonnar is a clinical hypnotherapist and advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and has been running her own business for almost six years.

She works with individuals to shift mindsets, causing a sometimes subtle but often dramatic and profound change in behaviour. “I work to free the client from habits or behaviours which stop them from being as happy or successful as they would like.”

“The most difficult part of starting my business was educating people about hypnotherapy. Gaining trust was of major importance before change could happen.”

Before lockdown, as well as working 1-2-1, Angela was delivering group work for many issues e.g., lose the fear of public speaking, weight loss, attracting success and how to be a phenomenal therapist. She believes RTT is extraordinary hypnotherapy with outstanding results.

Join us with Angela as she helps us get over our fear and start getting excited about Public Speaking on Wed 30th May

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