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With cross-border trade on the Island exceeding £2bn annually, the opportunity is simply too big to ignore for small businesses. InterTradeIreland can help your business capitalise on the extraordinary possibilities that exist right here on our doorstep.


InterTradeIreland can assist you to source and fund the right people to help you increase your cross-border export sales North or South, right here on the island, to help you improve your knowledge of the market and identify new business opportunities.

Salesperson Employ a salesperson either full time or part time to develop the significant cross- border opportunity that you have identified. InterTradeIreland will fund 50% of their cost to a maximum of £15,000/€18,750 for a full time position or £8,000/€10,000 for a part time position.

Marketing Research If you are not ready to consider specific recruitment, Acumen can provide your company with specialist consultancy support of up to £4,000/€5,000 to research cross-border opportunities and implement a cross-border strategy.


Assisting Micro-Businesses in particular, InterTradeIreland has an expert panel of almost 100 consultants offering specific expertise to identify and capitalise on the significant cross-border sales opportunities that exist on your doorstep. £5,000/€6,000 worth of consultancy time is available to you. You choose the expert that suits your company and they will work with you to develop a winning sales plan and fast track your cross-border exporting and success.

Trade Accelerator Voucher

If you are at the early stage of assessing the potential of developing a cross-border business plan then there are many financial, logistical and regulatory questions may need answered. InterTradeIreland offers financial support worth up to £1,000/€1,200 plus VAT towards professional advice in areas such as finance, regulation, employment law, currency, sales & marketing and tendering.

Simple Guide To Cross-Border Business

A simple guide on everything you need to know about expanding your business into a new cross-border territory – all the do’s and dont’s as well as valuable information on setting up a cross-border business as well as up to date regulatory information to keep your business compliant. You can download a copy of this comprehensive guide from here.

Am I eligible? Further information and eligibility criteria for all InterTradeIreland supports is available on their website Here

InterTradeIreland is the organisation which has been given responsibility by both Governments to boost North South economic co-operation to the mutual benefit of Northern Ireland and Ireland. It is a powerful resource for business growth, helping SMEs through a strong mix of business intelligence, funding support and meaningful contacts