Rachael Ferguson Ulster University

Unlocking Creativity to Lead for Growth

The Web Club at Bizmerang Wed 31st 21 - Guest Speaker profile   Name Rachael Fergie - Ulster University Rachael is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Ulster University. Her research focuses on developing leadership using design…
Moira Dunne

How to turn busy into productive in today’s crazy world!

The Web Club at Bizmerang 5th May 21 - Guest Speaker profile   Moira Dunne - Moira Dunne is a productivity expert and founder of She works with individuals and organisations to help them optimise their…

Price & Package Positive - Recognise Your Value with Mags Boland Murphy - 24th Feb 21

The Web Club at Bizmerang 24th Feb 21 - Guest Speaker profile   Mags Boland Murphy - Bofin Consultancy After over 20 years working in executive and management roles in the commercial arena, Mags established Bofin Consultancy to help…
alison mattews of virtuali solutions

Making Time in Your Business with Alison Matthews - Guest Speaker 24th March 21

The Web Club at Bizmerang 24th Feb 21 - Guest Speaker profile  Alison Matthews - VirtuAli My name is Alison, I’m a business support specialist and the owner of VirtuAli Administrative Solutions which I founded in 2015. I help small…